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Be the Happiest Doctor You Know

By combining love AND technology, Medici delivers a new standard of care.

Medici doctors have more time with their patients, resulting in healthier AND happier patients. Medici doctors spend more time with patients AND more time with their families. Medici doctors use technology to make life easier for them AND their patients.

“Never in history has there been a healthcare system more thoughtfully built around aligned incentives of the doctor & patient”

– CP

Meet the New Standard of Care

Old World
  • You had to ‘optimize’ codes for better reimbursement; you had to make patients visit you to be fairly paid; RVUs were a priority. Reimbursement = Results
  • You filled hospital beds to make money
  •  You waited for patients to get sick. And, when they did, we made it difficult for them to see us. We frustrated them with paperwork, waiting rooms, clipboards, and insurance. They worried about what things would cost. We raced through the consult and could barely connect with them, often suggesting that a 2nd issue would require a 2nd consult with all the same frustrations. Their quality of life never improved and they ended up spending a fortune on specialty care that would have been unnecessary if primary care could have better served them. But, what else could we do?
New World
  • You focus on patients, not codes; you have the time you need to make your patients health and happy. Relationship = Results.
  • You keep patients healthy and hospitals empty to make money.
  • Patients are members who have no paperwork, waiting rooms, clipboards, or insurance. Pricing is simple & transparent. You have time to educate members to engage in their own health. You have a dashboard to monitor the health and happiness of your members who are a text & video away when you need to help them. You have a world of specialists and resources at your fingertips to help them when faced with complexity.


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