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Medici is reinventing
healthcare around you!


In order to better serve our employees and refine our benefits for 2025, please review and select the most valued services for you and your family.

Medici’s concierge and primary care, the foundation of good medicine, are pre-selected and included.

Please make your selections by 15th March 2024. Your choices will inform how care services are structured in 2025.


Who gets access to Medici Care?
All MHBD employees and their dependents who are enrolled in their
What is Medici?
Medici is a virtual medical team providing high touch concierge primary and specialty care.
How much does Medici Cost?
There is no cost to use Medici. There are no copays for using the broad range of Medici services. MHBD has already covered 100% of the cost for all eligible employees and dependents.
What services are included?
Medici provides a comprehensive list of services that include: Nutrition Plans, Exercise Plans, Back / Joint / Muscle Pain, Weight Loss, Fatigue, Veterinary Advice, High Blood Pressure / Cholesterol, Therapy & Counseling, Dermatology, and more.
What happens if I need Imaging or Bloodwork?
Text Medici and they will help find an imaging or blood drawing center in your Blue Cross Blue Shield network, close to your location and well rated. For these services you will use your BCBS Medical plan and pay the relevant copay and out of pocket expenses.
What happens if I need After-Hours Care?
Text Medici at 512-675-6885, and you will be instructed on how to connect with the emergency after hours Care Team.
Does Medici replace Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical Plan?
No. Medici is a unique benefit that supplements your existing medical plan. Your Medici coverage will work seamlessly with your BCBS plan in the event imaging, blood work, or care within your network is required. Message Medici first as they will likely address your care concerns virtually at no cost to you, and direct you to the appropriate care provider in the BCBS network in the instances where they can not help.
What is the purpose of the Medici Care Service Selection Module?
The module helps the Medici care team understand your preferred Medici medical needs, allowing them to personalize a care team and plan specifically for you and your dependents.
How much money do I have to allocate for my selected services?
You have a $2000 allocation to choose from the listed services. All services are at no cost to you.
If I don't use any of the Medici services do I get $2000 at the end of the year?
No. The $2000 has no real monetary value and no money will be paid to you if you don't use Medici. It is important that you make use of the services as they will end in February 2025. The allocation amount shows approximately how much out of pocket cost you would incur if you chose to seek these care services outside of Medici.
Who can view the selection data submitted through the module?
The selection data is only viewable by the Medici Care Team.
Are Concierge services already included, or do I need to allocate money for them?
Concierge services are pre-selected and included in the allocation and do not need to be selected.
Are Primary care services already included, or do I need to allocate money for them?
Primary care is pre-selected and included in the allocation and does not need to be selected.
Can I use my allocation for multiple services?
Yes, your $2000 allocation is meant to be used to select the services you need most. The $ value of the service being provided is highlighted and also shows the approximate number of consults associated with the specific service.
Can I change my allocated services after submission?
Yes. Simply text into Medici at 512-675-6885 to set up time to discuss your selections with the Primary Care Physician.

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