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Money Monster

Time Monster

Health Monster

Access Monster

We created Medici because the healthcare system is full of monsters.

Meet Marv,
The Money Monster.

Marv + the healthcare system waste resources on admin inefficiencies and red tape instead of using them for patient care and medical progress. They harm care quality and drive up healthcare costs for everyone.


of ER visits are unnecessary


Emergency Care with Medici

Meet Terry,
The Time Monster.

Terry + the healthcare system frustrate patients with their long wait times to see a doctor, leading to delays in receiving essential medical care. These extended waits can exacerbate health issues + treatments.

26 days

Average wait to see a doctor.

1 day

With Medici, less than 1 day!

Meet Hank,
The Health Monster.

Hank + the healthcare system’s inadequate support and resources are leaving a significant portion of the population without the necessary help they urgently need.


of U.S. adults have a diagnosable mental disorder.


Medici average remission rate with mental illness.

Meet Alfie,
The Access Monster.

Need to see a doctor or specialist? Too bad. Alfie makes sure they’re all booked up so you don’t know how or when you can get your issue resolved.

60 Days

on average to see a specialist.


access to 800+ specialists in just hours.

A virtual-first, interconnected healthcare network.