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Behavioral Health + Care Program

Let’s face it, we all need to speak to someone from time to time when life gets overwhelming.

The ability to speak with a team of mental health experts, in confidence, is often just what we need. Medici’s team of counselors, therapists, and loving providers are available at no charge to you. What you might not know is that Medici has a remarkable Psychiatrist on the team to provide oversight for our behavioral health team.

Regardless of your situation, our primary care providers’ main goal is simple, to maximize the quality of life of the patients they serve.

Meet your Care Team


Dr. Thomas

Dr. Thomas’ training and off-the-charts people skills make her an extraordinarily effective psychiatrist.

“I truly care about you. Helping you achieve mental health is my calling and I will serve you at your pace. I will walk alongside you patiently and compassionately.”


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