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World Class Cardiology

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women, not just in the US, but worldwide.

At Medici, we specialize in addressing the heart of the issue. Our cardiologists work alongside our primary care and other specialty doctors to help develop treatment plans and manage our most complicated cases.

We believe in preventing and treating chronic disease before it strikes. Our value based collaborative care model is led by the primary care physician and includes a board certified cardiologist.

Meet your Care Team


Dr. Valentine

Before diving into Cardiology, Dr. Valentine began her career as a successful pharmacist. When her father unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack at 58, she felt called to make a change. She sold her pharmacy and went to medical school, never forgetting her dad’s words that she had the ability, and the heart, to become a doctor. Her personal story led her to craft a safe and loving environment for her patients, knowing that each is screened and cared for with the utmost consideration.

Dr. Valentine’s area of specialization is adult cardiology. She has received professional recognition including Texas Super Doctors and is the author of Why most woman die – How woman can fight their #1 Killer: Heart Disease.


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