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About Medici

Our founder, Clint Phillips, has a deep longing to see a healthier world. He has watched family members have their lives cut short due to limited resources and a lack of quality care options.

He began his journey as a massage therapist which led to studies in nutrition, acupuncture, and ultimately a doctor of chiropractic. He later opened his clinic, Aspen Back & Body. A personal tragedy involving his daughter Gabi inspired him to start his first healthcare business, 2nd.MD.

It was during his time at 2nd.MD that Clint truly realized how many patients were getting help too late in their medical journey. They were getting treatment when they were already sick or in pain, not receiving love and care that would make and keep them healthy. The results were expensive surgeries or unnecessary medications. And so Medici was born.

“Medici exists to change lives. Period.”

Medici exists to change lives and create a healthier world. We are building the world’s greatest healthcare system. Medici uses remarkable doctors who balance excellent clinical outcomes with deep compassion for their patients. We use technology that helps our members understand their health easily and navigate an entire healthcare system with just a text. We make our members happier, healthier, and wealthier.


Giving Back

Not only is the Medici team building the greatest healthcare system, we’re also working to provide for those in need.


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