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Healthcare Excellence

Medici OnSite

Welcome to Medici, where healthcare
excellence meets compassion and innovation.

We’re reinventing healthcare around you and proud to offer a range of advanced healthcare solutions, including on-site, near-site, shared site clinics. The clinics are built around advanced preventative primary care, wellness programs, care navigation, and education. That wasn’t enough, so we integrated a virtual network of 140 specialists and provide around the clock acute care. So, what sets us apart?

Compassion. It is at the heart of everything we do.

of Medici Clinics:

  • Advanced preventative primary care
  • Access to virtual world-class specialists
  • Around the clock acute care
  • Customized wellness programs
  • Expert care navigation
  • Transformational educational programs
  • Compassionate healthcare providers

On-Site Clinics: A Strategic Advantage
Experience a new level of workplace wellness with our on-site clinics, where we bring top-notch healthcare to your doorstep, ensuring convenience and immediate attention to your employees’ needs.

Near-Site Clinics: World-Class Care, Nearby
Our near-site clinics are strategically located near your office, providing dedicated access to only your employees, while offering the same high-quality healthcare services as larger medical facilities, but with more personalized care and attention.

Shared Site Clinics: Made for Small Employers
In our shared site clinics, we offer the most affordable access to care in collaboration with other employers, creating a community-centric healthcare solution that enables small businesses to provide premium health services to their employees.

A Strategic

Medici’s clinics have revolutionized corporate healthcare, establishing a new benchmark in the industry with compassion at the heart of everything we do. With an industry-leading net promoter score, significant annual savings, and excellent prevention and management of disease, our clinics represent a strategic advantage for your organization.

A Culture of Care:
The cornerstone of the Medici experience is simple – it’s all about you. We’re far more than another doctor’s office. It starts with the right team that listens to you. We focus on preventative care and build a lasting relationship with you. It’s less rushed and more convenient, with an average wait time less than five minutes.

Exceptional Patient Satisfaction:
Medici boasts an industry leading Net Promoter Score of 94. Our clinics, renowned for their easy access and world class healthcare, significantly enhance employee engagement and satisfaction levels by providing easy access to healthcare services right at the workplace. It’s really a different experience.

Substantial Cost Savings:
Our focus on preventative care makes Medici a strategic investment, providing “a return on investment greater than 2X” for employers, with an average annual savings of $1,134 per employee

Life Changing Medical Care:
Our clinics demonstrate our commitment to preventative care. Why is this important? It leads to a healthier and happier you. We have achieved a 47% decrease in patients with high blood pressure and an 87% decrease in uncontrolled diabetes cases compared to the national average.

Integrated Primary, Virtual and Acute Care:
Our clinics seamlessly integrate primary care with virtual specialty care. Tired of waiting to see a specialist? How about same day access, available anytime and anywhere. And we didn’t stop there. We offer around the clock acute care, bringing urgent care to you.

Medici clinics are more than a healthcare option

Medici clinics are more than a healthcare option; they’re a strategic investment in your most valuable asset—your employees. With their remarkable employee satisfaction, significant savings, and exceptional management of chronic health conditions, these clinics can transform the health, happiness, and wealth of your workforce.

Enhanced Productivity:

Healthy employees are key to a productive workforce. Medici clinics focus on preventative care, reducing the need for time off for medical appointments and contributing to a more efficient and focused team.

A virtual-first, interconnected healthcare network.